Team Culture

We Believe

  • Excellent and genuine client care comes from a commitment to making others feel 
    important… because they are.

  • Work Hard (Hit our BIG goals) 

  • Play Hard (Have tons of FUN doing it).

  • Relationships over Transactions. Never the other way around.

  • Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

  • In growth mindsets, can-do attitudes and constantly growing our potential.

  • Celebrate success… any chance you get! 

Team Advantage

Less work for you.  More concentrated work for us.

In today's market, one agent alone cannot do all there is to ensure you have the best client experience possible as you embark on the journey to homeownership.  When you work with a team like Fauver Group, we take on the workload that goes into finding a home and keeping you on track to close. As a team we are able to distribute that work to the person whose gifts most align with the tasks, creating a home-selling experience that is more professional, stress-free, and profitable for you. 

Our Core Values


Our care and commitment to you is real.

Building Lasting Relationships

We value relationships more than transactions.  We are committed to serving you before, during, and after a transaction is finished.

Confident Counsel

Our advice is rooted in experience and focused on what's best for you.

Servant Leadership

Putting others first, we view every relationship as an opportunity to serve you beyond just your real estate needs.


Finding mutual ground leads to the greatest success.

Work by Referral

Our clients benefit from our full focus and commitment.  Instead of cold-calling and constantly seeking new business, we trust if we do a great job you will want to tell your friends and family.